Etsy Shop || Snowmen/ Napkins!

Hi, there and I'm super excited to share with ya'll that we finally got our Etsy Shop open!

Yes, my brother, Hunter, and I have been working on projects for awhile and we just opened the shop this past week, so we are super excited to have some sales. Hunter's project (yes, that's his nickname) is little buckeye ornament snowmen to hang on your Christmas tree. Since we're from Ohio, people go CRAZY for anything buckeye. So he has two kinds that you can pick from: A holly berry scarf, and a striped scarf.

My project is cloth napkins. These are Halloween ones here in the picture below. I don't have any other kinds up yet, and I only have one pack on the shop. So once someone buys those, I won't have them up in the shop anymore. You can find the link to our shop here:

Etsy Shop!!

And you might think, "Why is this on her blog?" Well, because I am our photographer for our shop! So all the pictures on the Etsy shop and here, I took.
So please check it out!  :D

                                                 All for now,

                                                   Hadassah <3



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