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Hello there, and I'm here for my daily post. (Well, almost daily, more like every other day daily!) 😅

So yesterday, I got to go over to our neighbor's farm and take pictures of the horses and around the farm. It was so cool to see their property! We've only lived here for a little while, and I hadn't really ever seen the full property!

So here's the track that the horses run on. Our neighbor trains horses for racing horses around this track. It's about half a mile around the track. So if you did about seven laps around, it would be a 5k.

 In the middle of the track, kind of like a track/ football field, is where our neighbor grows hay. As you can see it is 1/2 miles of hay in the middle of this track!

Here's the two horses that they own. I got there just as our neighbor was putting them out for the evening meal of grass.

This horse's name is Mary Estelle, and she is three years old. Last year, she had odd swelling in her knees and legs, so when our neighbor went to get an X-Ray done, they discovered she had bone cancer in her knees. And since three years would be such a young age to die for a horse, they got surgery done. She will probably never race ever again, but our neighbor is extremely happy with this sweet girl.

 This horse's name is Red, which is his call name, but his registered name is "Grand Circus," and believe it or not, is 26 YEARS OLD! When I heard that I went "WOW!"
Apparently, the average age for a horse to die is 25-30. Occasionally, a horse will live to be past forty. The oldest horse, was in the 19th century, and lived to be 62.
So anyway, Red, was a race horse, but does not do much racing any more. He is kind of "retired" now.

 I was experimenting with depth of field, and got this pretty picture. :)

Here is the far-away pic of the track, field, and driveway, + their barn in the distance.

                                                        All for now,

                                                      Hadassah <3


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