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Hi there! Just popping in for my daily post that I'm sure you have all been waiting for... right?    Today I have to share with you one of my favorite hobbies: Fairy gardening. 
Fairy gardening is taking containers or everyday objects (such as a basket) and turning them into a garden for fairies. Now, I don't exactly believe in fairies, but it is fun to pretend that the fairy knocked over the chair, even though I know it was probably one of my little sisters. There's two kinds of fairy gardening: The from-scratch kind, and the get-everything-from-a- store kind. I have done the from-scratch-kind and you can find at at this dear friends of ours' blog:

I started them all this year, and so my first one was the birdbath. My Grandma supplied all of the little decor and I did the flowers and planting. 

My next one was the doll cradle, and my Grandma helped me with that one as well. You can see my fairy is in there, and her name is Violet.  Which was just fabulous since this one had purple flowers all in the doll cradle.

My third was this basket, and I did some deer next to a pond, and a bridge. I also added a little duck later. I put a little plant that kind of fitted the water-theme. :)
   My fourth, (yes, I'm kind of addicted to fairy gardening now!) I made just a couple of weeks ago, and it's a fall themed one. It was   my first holiday one, and I got my other fairy (sitting on the pumpkin wagon) is named Gretchen. I got the fairy and wagon (attached) and also the hay wagon at a nice little website called "My Fairy Gardens." The bunny with with the little wagon and little bunny was also from my Grandma. Oh! And the "pumpkins," were off a little tree that had orange berries all over it, which was perfect for the little pumpkins, since I was doing a fall theme! :)

                                              Do you have a fairy garden (s) ?
                                              Have you ever seen a fairy garden?

                                                             All for now,

                                                      Hadassah <3


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