My Little Brother

Today I have to share with ya'll some cute pictures of my little brother. :)

He is the youngest in our family, and almost all my brothers are older than me, so they were really hoping for a boy after we had FOUR GIRLS IN A ROW! 

His nickname that we call him is Mickey Mouse, or sometimes "Mickey Mozart." 
(Don't ask me!) He is probably one of our happiest babies, so I really enjoy taking pictures of him, especially when his has been fed, changed, and cuddled for awhile. (Being the youngest calls for some attention, am I right?) :D 

So, he's almost six months old, but has no teeth and is not crawling- yet. He does the cute little "army-man crawl," where they scoot across the floor on their bellies, not realizing they can use their legs and arms yet. I want to do a photo shoot of him soon, but right now it's just random photos I get of him, playing on the floor, or in somebody's arms.

Right here he's fascinated with the camera, but didn't want to smile for me in any of the photos, except the top one, which is of course, because he's in Grandma's arms. :D
Hope you enjoy!

                                                      All for now,

                                                       Hadassah <3


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