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Hello everyone, and before I begin, I want to confess I am already dreaming of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Well the weather is cooling off VERY much, no snow yet, but it's beautiful and wonderful weather to get our fall photography going!
I am already hearing and seeing things for Christmas, and to tell you the truth, I think it might be a little early. Although Black Friday is early this year, since the end of November falls before the last Thursday... well, where was I? Sorry! Back to the subject!

Fall photography is just beautiful. I think it's even more beautiful than winter photography, although some pictures ARE pretty wonderful and breathtaking. This week I will be getting to get some REALLY cute fall pictures, including some with pumpkins, so be looking forward to some really cute photography either Thursday or Friday! :)

What I have been taking pictures of lately is really random, so I'll just show you the random ones I took recently:

 Here's "Pumpkin Spice" on the trampoline and I really loved this picture because she is so darn cute! Also she is always a perfect model... well usually, unless she wants to make a ridiculous face at the camera. :)

 Here she is again, and my Dad likes to take the littler guys on tractor rides using his John Deere and the hookup behind it. I managed to get the timing PERFECT on this one!

 Here's my little brother, ("Mickey Mozart," we call him!) in the playroom on those play mats we loved to play on as babies! Anyone else remember that? :)
Then here is my favorite picture of all, myself. I was wearing my favorite 50's shirtwaist dress and my favorite pink rain boots. I really like the contrast in this photo, the black & pink just goes together perfectly... don't you think?

Well, I hope everyone is having a good week so far! (Yes, Mondays are the worst!) :D

                                                   All for now,

                                                    Hadassah <3


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