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Hello to my lovely readers, and I hope everyone is having a good week. As we all know, (if you live in America!) that Donald J. Trump became elected for the next president of 2017.
Anyway, that's not my blog post today! :)
Today I have to share with you another "Around the Farm," blog post in the series, and today it's chickens.
So we have about 16 chickens, that are almost two years old. We got them in June of 2015, and they are the Ohio Buckeye Breed. We got twenty to start with, and sadly one died right away, the runt of the litter. (Is that what you call chicks? Litters?)
We asked for two roosters, and ended up with four! So those went to 'freezer camp' pretty soon. We also got four chickens from some friends at church, and those were the meanest chickens we had ever met! We killed the three right away, but kept the nice one, which we named Eudora. So now we have fourteen hens, and two roosters. The two roosters are named Bruno and Padro, and then we have only three hens named: (for special reasons)
Julie, Nettie May, and then our dear Eudora.


Nettie May

alt=”chickens at the fence”
Chickens at the fence

We got the chicken door at a used doors shop, and this door used to be in a High School, so I think it's funny that the chicken door says, "THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING!" :)

                                                         Do you have chickens?

                                                                   All for now,

                                                                  Hadassah <3


  1. Ah, the colors of these photos are wonderful! The coloring of a farm has my heart: reds, rusts, browns, yellows, greens; everything so natural and rustic. Some of my favorite photos color-wise are usually of chickens, oddly enough ;)



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