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Hey ya'll, and I'm just wishin' you all today a very merry Christmas. True, it's not even December 1st yet, but some people may call me a "Christmas Elf," which means I LOVE CHRISTMAS. So today I'm showing you my latest fairy creation, my first Christmas one.
I actually have made four other fairy gardens which you can find here at THIS link.
So here ya go! ;)

 My first Christmas one has to be indoors of course, because right now we are having thirty degree weather in this part of Ohio. No snow yet though... :'(

So. Supplies.

  • I used an old cookie tin for the container
  • Fake moss for the ground (you can find this at Hobby Lobby!)
  • Rocks for the bottom (that's what's under the fake moss)
  • Some old snowy white trees that my Grandmother gave me, (not really sure where they came from!)
  • A Christmas fairy, and the adorable plastic geese to go along with her!

 I might add some more stuff later, not really sure, but I have been eyeing this:

Oh! And I just HAD to share with you this fun picture I took of the lights on our banister when we decorated for Christmas this past Friday.

So have a great week everyone! See you on Wednesday!


                                                     ~Hadassah <3


  1. So lovely, Hadassah! I always adore your fairy gardens, and isn't photographing Christmas lights so fun??

    -Charlotte B.

  2. Yes! I love getting out-of-focus lights too! Thanks for commenting!


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