Fun With the Camera!

So, before I begin, I wanted to note that ya'll probably saw some changes to the blog. I changed the background lighter, and added some pages up above. But don't worry! Nothing has changed drastically! It's still the same old me! :)

Today I'm sharing some more pictures I took on Sunday, and I was having so much fun playing with the camera. You can do lots of cool things with the camera, like this:

1. You can do crazy things with light in your photos, like this shot of some bark on a branch!
Sun spots always look cool in photos like this!

2. Just find a leaf with a small hole, and get the sun right behind it. It turns it very mystical. :)

3. Playing with depth of field. You get a person's legs in the background and put the shoes right next to your camera, which makes the person look like they're wearing clown shoes!

4. Also the same thing, but the shoes are in focus this time. :)

5 & 6. The person stands far off, on a stump or something, and that makes them look really small when the second person stands near you. So my brother looks like a tiny little elf!

So did you like the photos? I hope you did!
Have a great weekend everyone!

                                                    All for now,

                                                   Hadassah <3


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