Garden || 2016

 Hello to my lovely readers out there!
Today I have to share with you pictures I took of the garden this year, 2016.
This year was hard because right around the time where you're supposed to be planting things, (pumpkins, watermelon, etc.) my little brother, Mickey Mozart was born, right around May. So we didn't have a ton of food, but we did get some yummy produce!

    Beefsteak Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes. This year's tomatoes were coming out of our ears! Our neighbor graciously gave us 15-20 tomato plants, and we also had about 15 plants that we were growing ourselves. We had probably around 100 pounds of tomatoes this year, maybe even more. We turned most of it into sauce & soup, which we are looking forward to eating with grilled cheese sandwiches this winter! :)
  • Chard. I have always loved chard, so when Mom asked me what I wanted to plant this year, I said, "RAINBOW CHARD!" Rainbow Chard tastes the same as regular green chard, but the stems are rainbow colored. It is really delicious in salad, and we also froze some to use for lasagnas.  
    Rainbow Chard
  • Onions. Mom planted about 50 plants, which is 5 lbs. and she got about 22 lbs. out of it. Which wasn't as many as we wanted, but that's what we got back.
    Onions on the back porch
  • Potatoes. The potatoes, well, I'll just admit did awful. We got ONE potato and about five tiny-mini potatoes. We planted them in tires this year, and it just did awful. I'll just show you the tires, since the potatoes just look sad... :)
    The tires we used to grow potatoes
  • Lettuce. Lettuce this year did very well, and I don't know the exact amount of lettuce that we got this year, but I know we got A LOT. One thing that was really a blessing was that the lettuce has already re-planted itself. So we're already getting more lettuce for the fall from our summer lettuce!
    Lettuce- 2016
So this year's garden actually did very well, and we're still getting tomatoes and lettuce! I hope ya'll have a great week!

                                                    How did your garden do this year?

                                                    What did you plant?

                                           Xoxoxo- Hadassah


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