Getting Ready for Winter || Pt. 1

So my lovely readers, winter is coming. The air is getting colder (for most of us!) and the trees are getting bare, and you can smell wood smoke in the air.
At our house, Provident Woods Farm, we are getting ready for the winter. I know, I know! It's only November. But, still, there's a CHRISTMAS station already playing on the radio!
(Well, I have to admit I MIGHT be listening to it already, but that's just a SLIGHT chance!)
So around our little farm, we have been bringing in wood, ripping out the garden, and canning things for our long winter. So here's my photography for today, but this is just part one. Part two will come out on Monday!


Fallen leaves on the driveway

Wood ready for the long winter!

Wood stacked on the side of the barn

Pretty trees
I hope everyone is excited for their weekend, and I know I am! I'm tired after a LONG week of school! :) See ya'll Monday!

                                                        All for now,

                                                  Hadassah <3


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