Getting Ready for Winter || Pt. 2

Hello to my lovely readers out there, and I sure hope everyone's having an OK Monday. I know Mondays- they're hard. You probably just got over your weekend slump, and are going back to work, or school or whatever, and you're probably grumpy. Well, some of you. That's why I'M here to cheer you up! :)
So as I promised here's part two of "GETTING READY FOR WINTER."
I don't have very many pictures to share with ya'll, but the little I have, I will share. So we got the garden all ripped out, and we're letting the chickens in there soon to have a dig around and till the garden for us. (Chicken Benefit #334, 'they till you're own garden for you!')
So this week we will be working more around the farm and working more to getting ready for winter! (Plus it's almost Black Friday!!)
Okay, so I might just tell you. I'm OBSESSED with Christmas, and ever since I was little I just LOVED it. The joy, the giving, the spirit, and our Savior, being born in that stable so long ago- for us. :)

Green Tomatoes

Because we live in Ohio, our tomatoes did extremely well this year, and on Saturday night it finally froze- but our tomatoes weren't done yet! So we had to harvest all of them-even green ones- and store them in our basement until they ripen. So that's what these 'weird green things' are.

Green Beans

We had to can all of the green beans we got this year in our trusty Mason jars, and we got a lot of beans out of the garden also this year!

So what are ya'll doing for getting ready for winter?

Hope you're having a good Monday!

                                   All for now,

                                  Hadassah <3


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