Happy Thanksgiving! || Recap

Hey ya'll, and I'm back for this week's post. For all of my good friends in the USA, Thanksgiving is a time to thank our Lord and Savior for His gifts toward us, and what those Pilgrims did to make this day. So everyone probably has had they're Thanksgiving food by now, and are laying out on the sofa, and groaning. Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, oooh, it's like getting a taste of Heaven. ;)
So anyway, I had to share with ya'll the pics I took as we were getting ready to have our linner (a late lunch, almost dinner= linner) with our grandparents. So here you all are:

I was in charge of decorating this year, and I made the place cards for everyone. Every one was different, and I added orange bows at the top of each one.

Here is my brother's place card, just an example of what I did. :)

The table was decorated with a nice tablecloth, glasses, our nicest silverware,  and the clear vase of gores in the middle. You can see that my little sister, (Raggedy Ann's) cup stood out, because she's to little to use a "big kid" glass, as she calls it.

Here's some of the food before everything was set out. Here's the list of what we had:

Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, (with jelly), Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato dish with Marshmellows on top, Vegetable dish, Mashed Potatoes, Olives, Pickles, Pumpkin Pie, Candied Apples, Minced Meat Pie, Cornbread dish, and I think that's about it.
Enough to feed an army, huh? :)

Tomorrow is our Black Friday, and time to set up the Christmas things. A couple of weeks ago my mouth dropped as I looked at the calendar. JUST A MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS FROM TOMORROW!!!!!

Tomorrow's tradition for our family is to watch our favorite movie, Elf, (starring Will Ferall) and eat spaghetti with syrup. (In the movie, the elf eats spaghetti with syrup)
If you haven't watched that movie, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. Put it on top of your to-see-Christmas-movies-this-year list! It is SO good and funny! See you all on Monday!

                                  So how was your Thanksgiving?

                                                        All for now,

                                                        Hadassah <3


  1. Love your photo phun! We also had a great Thanksgiving with some of our grandchildren. It sounded very much like your celebration! Looking forward to your Christmas pix.


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