Planting Tulip Bulbs... IN NOVEMBER?

Hey ya'll, and today I'm bloggin' about planting tulip bulbs... NOVEMBER?
WHATT? Well, down here in Ohio we've had a really weird autumn. We've had  a mix of really weird warm weather, and then freezing sleeting weather. But last week on Thursday and Friday we had REALLY nice weather. We wore short sleeves and got our hands dirty in the garden again, and my Grandmother stopped by to plant tulip bulbs in one of our over-grown-with-weeds flowerbeds. So it was a great opportunity to take some pictures for a little while, until I had to go garden! The tulip bulbs are not going to come up this year, but next year in early spring. But you have to plant them now, instead of later.

Pumpkin Spice digging!

Garden gloves
My little sister loves digging in the dirt, so here she is digging with a mini shovel.
Pumpkin Spice planting tulip bulbs

Tulip Bulb

The weed bucket

So this was probably my last post about gardening outside, etc. but I will have an inside fairy garden to show ya'll soon, and it'll be Christmas themed. :)

Have a great week!

                                                     ~Hadassah <3


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