Sunday Portraits

Hello everyone, and I'm excited to share with you today the photos, or portraits, I took on Sunday. I have been working on editing, and black and white photography, and also making my photos brighter, and more likable. So here they all are:

My little sister, A, on the swing set

Here's my sister, A, on the swing set in the evening. I didn't even tell her to look down to get the dreamy look, but she did anyway. :)

My first 'selfie' turned out pretty good!

I tried my first 'selfie' with a canon camera, (which is NOT an iPhone, so you can't see yourself!) and I think it turned out pretty good. This was actually taken on my birthday!

Little sister, Blue Eyes

Here's my other little sister Blue Eyes, and I absolutely LOVE this picture in black & white! She is so adorable! Even though you can't see her "blue eyes," she looks so cute!
Mickey Mozart

Here's my little 'Mickey Mozart' looking as dapper as always. The green on his shirt, on the floor, and the couch behind him make his eyes pop out their natural green color, don't you think?

And then here's me again, in the car window reflection. I had seen this shot on Pintrest, and decided to try it myself. It was another one of my 'selfies' I guess. :D

So did you enjoy the pictures? If you did, please 1+, share, or like below!

                                                 All for now,

                                             Hadassah <3


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