Using Flash || Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Hey ya'll and yesterday we celebrated my Grandfather's 70th birthday party, which we are very blessed because the doctors told my Grandfather five years ago he wouldn't live another year... and he's alive and well! So we were very happy that he could celebrate his 70th birthday with us. Anyway, today's post is about flash. This is one of the first times I used flash, (Believe it or not!) and I quite like it. It brightens up the photo without the blurriness because your camera didn't like the light. So yesterday I experimented a little with that while all the family was gathered together before the party started. :)

Mickey Mozart, the cutie pie!

My younger sister, A

Blue Eyes, and you can see the blue eyes this time!

Pumpkin Spice, in front of the camera as always!

My younger brother, Pete

Raggedy Ann, smiley as usual :)

The birthday cake!


So I had a pretty good time taking pictures with flash. Before I go, I was wondering...

Have you used flash with a Canon/Nikon camera before?

See ya'll later!

Xoxoxoxoxo- Hadassah <3


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