A Trip To The Seashore!

Before I begin, I'll have to tell you that we didn't visit an actual seashore. Just a REALLY big lake. But "A Trip To The Seashore" sounds much better than "A Trip To The Lake." ;)


The other day the weather was soo beautiful, that my Dad took Pete, A, and I down to Caesar's Creek Lake, to go hiking. We hiked about a quarter around the lake, (which was about a 5k) and of course, I brought my camera. : )

Out of-focus sun shining on the water

An old bottle

You can't go to the lake without finding an old bottle right? This one didn't have a note though...

Lake shore

A smiles for the camera

Pete, looking 'high and mighty'

The glorious lake

Footprints in the sand

Waves coming crashing in

Fake ducks & geese

We saw these ducks and geese from far away, so I tried to sneak up on them. Once I got close I realized they were fake! These "ducks" were just ploys for huntsman!

A and I

More waves

So I was pretty sore after the trip,(I don't normally go hiking in December!) but glad that I got the exercise- and great photos! :)

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh, Caesar's creek is the best! I have taken some of my very favorite pictures there, and hope to take many more :) Water and the way it reflects and catches the light is unlike anything else to me <3



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