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Hey ya'll!  I am VERY excited to blog about this interview!  I interviewed a photographer, my dear friend Charlotte Boyer, over the weekend, and so let's get started, shall we?

How did you discover photography? What age were you?
I was around 13 when I first developed any great interest in photography, which was mainly due to my friend Joanna from Joanna Christine Photography. I was heavily inspired by her and her early work, and she was the one to help me along when I got my first DSLR and really began delve into the realm of photography.

When did you get your first camera? What kind of camera do you have?
My first camera was a canon EOS Rebel T3 that I diligently save my pennies for when I was 14. I still look back on that time with such happy memories of the excitement and joy I had at having that first DSLR. I have since updated to the fabulous Canon EOS 6D just this past Winter, and couldn’t imagine life without it!

When did you start taking photographs for business?
I started taking photographs professionally in 2015.

How far in the USA have you gone to do photography?
Ha, not very far ;) I mostly do work in my local area in Ohio. I did do volunteer work at Remembering WWII in Linden, TN in 2014; but I would say that’s as far as I have traveled for photography purposes.

What are your favorite things to photograph?
People… and more people :) I get pretty bored with just still life & landscape photography. I just love the unpredictability & candidness of people, and the deeper connection one can make with a photograph when a person is in it.

What are your favorite photography blogs?

What tips do you have for getting the best, clear photos?
It can be pretty tricky working with a shallow depth of field (my favorite way to take photos!), while attempting to get tack-sharp photos. My biggest tip is get to know your equipment, work around the quirks that it has (every lens & camera has quirks!), and practice, practice, practice!

Do you have any trips or tricks?

I am a very independent learner. I don’t like to learn through articles and how-to’s when it comes to the creative side of photography. Thus, my biggest tip is to discover your own photography style through experimentation and lots and lots of practice! As one great photographer once said, “your first 10,000 photos are your worst”: just keep practicing! If you bog yourself down with too many people trying to tell you how it’s done, it’s really easy to become a cookie-cutter photographer and suppress your unique style. You obviously have a creative side if you’re interested in photography: so develop that, and just keep practicing!

Here's some of her work:

 Please do not take any of her work without permission!

You can find her work at Boyer Sisters Blog, and Charlotte B. Photography
If you liked this photography or this blog post please tell her so at her Facebook page (above) or the blog!

See everyone on Wednesday!

Xoxoxoxo- Hadassah <3


  1. Yay! Thanks again for interviewing me, Hadassah!

    love always,
    -Charlotte B.

  2. Always a pleasure, and thanks for taking the time for me!


  3. Cool interview! Luv it!! I always love your pics Charlotte! You and Charlotte are very inspirational to me!
    <3 Caroline K


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