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Hey ya'll!
I've been pretty busy lately, with school, practicing lines for a Christmas Play, and practicing violin... so I haven't been taking too many pictures lately, especially with the FREEZING cold weather! So I'll just share pictures that I've taken lately, but not just on one day. :)

This picture was when ladybugs came out to tell us how cold our winter was going to be. There was a lot, so I'm thinkin' I better bundle up! ;)

Pumpkin Spice was outside one warmer day and got stuck in a ditch with the little toy Jeep she drives around in. She was trying to pull it out, and I caught the moment with her funny face.

Here's Mickey Mozart... cute as usual!

I took this picture just yesterday of this bright red leaf!

I have been trying to taking pictures of birds lately, and got the bird above, and the two bright red cardinals just today, actually. I've always been a bird-watcher, and when I starting liking-no, loving- photography, I loved birds even more. :)

So have a great weekend everyone, and as usual I LOVE comments, so please comment on which pictures you thought were best. See you all next week!


                                                   Hadassah <3


  1. I have been loving checking in on this blog Dass! Always a bright spot in my day!!! <3

  2. That picture of the bright red leaf in amongst the brown leaves & green grass is so lovely! I really like the contrast of the subject with the background.



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