My First Photos That I Ever Took!

Hey ya'll, and today I'm going bloggin' about my very first photographs. I started photography with a Canon camera in September, but was familiar with photography, since my Dad is a wonderful photographer, and even went to school for it.
I got inspired with photography by my good friend, Charlotte Boyer, but mainly my Dad.
Anyway, here are some of my very first photographs!

Butterfly sitting on some flowers

 I realize now that the butterfly was out of focus, but since this was my very first photo, I don't get mad at myself for it. :)

Pretty flowers growing on a weed

 This was some weed growing outside of the fence on the garden. You can see green and red tomatoes in the background.


Then there's always the cats, one of the cutest things I like to photograph. <^..^>

Pumpkin Spice

Oh, and Pumpkin Spice in front of the camera as usual, the funny little girl. I really liked the light in this one though! :)

Tomato Sauce in the jars near the window

We had been canning over the week, so I took some pictures of the jars sitting on the table next to the window. The evening glow came out right. You can see the window was open... because it was September!

So did you like the photos? Please share, comment, or 1+ below!

                     Xoxoxo- Hadassah <3


  1. These were your very first?? Wow!! They remind me so much of my first DSLR photographs, actually! I think we began around the same time of year :) Thank you so much for sharing! I lovelovelove the one of little miss Pumpkin Spice! It captures her personality so perfectly! Give her a hug for me, ok? ;)


  2. 'Kay, I will! She is adorable in pictures, it really does capture her silly side! ;)


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