Saint Lucia's Day || Snow!!

Hey ya'll!
For some of you, (maybe if you live in Sweden, or even not) yesterday, December 13th, was Saint Lucia's Day. Saint Lucia is the Saint of Light. She believed in God so much that she gave her whole dowery to the poor! When her to-be husband heard about this, he was furious, so he took her to the Emperor. When the Emporer commanded for her to worship the Pagan gods, she refused, and became too heavy for them to move. (Miracle #1)
 So they took out her eyes, but she could still see! (Miracle #2)
Finally, they gave her one more chance, but she still refused, so they burned her at the stake. But, she wouldn't burn! She just glowed! (Miracle #4)
So they beheaded her, but she did it cheerfully.  So that's why she is called the Saint of Light.

Any-wayyyy...  We celebrated Saint Lucia's with eating Saffron Buns for breakfast, along with some Swedish "glug" and then had a nice feast for Dinner, which was Swedish Meatballs, Noodles, Red Cabbage, Potatoes, and three kinds of Swedish cookies for desser. We also had a nice surprise : SNOW! It was our real first snow of the season!

Red Candle

Saint Lucia book, Candles, and Saffron Buns for a pretty decoration


So did you celebrate Saint Lucia's? If you did, comment below of what you did!! : )

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. I love these snapshots from your St. Lucia's day! One of my favorite ways to capture a special event is through the small details, as it really helps tell the story of what happened. You did just this so beautifully! And I love the picture of the red candle! So simple, yet so beautiful.


  2. Thank you Charlotte! Yes, details is defiantly what makes a picture beautiful!


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