A Walk In The Woods || Cowan Lake

Just a couple of days ago, my Grandmother and I decided to hike up to Cowan Lake, which is very near to where we live. So I grabbed my trusty camera bag and we took off. First we went to a park near Cowan Lake, and I got some good pictures of the flowing creek there, and then we went on a trail that does a loop right near the water of Cowan Lake. So are you ready? There's a lot of pictures. So sorry for you to have to wait for all of them to load! :)

Something in this picture makes it so pretty and calm.

HUGE Sycamore trunks!

Moss on an old dead log-so pretty!

The Roaring Creek ;)

Dagwood Leaves

Close-ups are my fav

Moss- it's been VERY rainy lately!

This tree amazed me that it was still alive!

The creek

So all in all, I think I got some pretty good ones, I LOVE the two I took, of the orange mushrooms, and the orange dogwood leaves. If you ever get a chance to go to Cowan Lake, Ohio, you really should go, and definitely bring a camera! :)

Which ones do you like best?
Have you ever been hiking up or around Cowan Lake?

Hadassah <3


  1. These are such lovely photos, Hadassah! And just you wait until the Spring-those dogwood trees will come to life and you won't get enough of photographing those flowers and framing your subjects with them! They are my favorite!


  2. Oh yes! We have one of those in our front yard, and I LOVE taking pictures with it.
    I also love to use branches as picture frames. Here is one of the ones I took using branches:


    1. OH!! I LOVE that photo, Dassah! SO cute! <3

  3. We go to Cowan Lake about twice a year. It really is a beautiful place, isn't it? I've had so many wonderful memories there (*happy sigh*). Well...anyways, my favorite pictures are #6 and that last one of the creek. I simply love the way the water shines!

    Love in Christ,
    Geneva <3

  4. Thank you! I love #6 too! And oh yes, Cowan Lake was beautiful and so creepily quiet. Even though we live out in the country, we still get those "city" noises. :)


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