Baby Blue Eyes || My Little Sister

Hey ya'll!
Today's post is about one of my little sisters, the one I call Blue Eyes. She actually does have VERY blue eyes, which matches my dear Grandma, and one of my other sisters, A.
In our house we have all the colors of eyes, including green, blue, brown and both green and brown!

The other day she was playing outside, and so I got out the camera. (of course!)  She actually likes her picture taken, unlike Raggedy Ann, but she never stands still! Most pictures it's a candid shot, but I like that better than straight-looking-at-the-camera photos.

I was using close-upon the camera, so I got rich deep colors, instead of boring gray
because that's was the sky was that day. (Ugg, January!) Mainly the shot above, which made her eyes sparkly and very blue. That's it for the day! I'll be back on Friday. :)

Did you like the photos?

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh, Hadassah, these are truly precious <3 I envy you having little sisters who make for such adorable little subjects for photography! These one of Blue Eyes are stunning... the way you captured her bouncy red hair, brilliant eyes, and sweet expressions is so, so wonderful. Well done, my dear!


  2. Oh, thank you. :)
    If you ever want a little cute child model, I've got four cute sisters, plus one bubbly little brother! :)

  3. Hadassah, I'm so happy to have discovered your lovely blog! I clicked on the link in what I (ever-so-cleverly) guessed was your comment on the Boyer Sisters blog...and I simply love what I found! These pictures are beautiful! Whenever I have have half a mind to smile until my face hurts, I will make sure to come to this charming spot on the internet. Please give those adorable little siblings of yours lots of extra love for me, okay? God bless!

    In Christ,
    Geneva Ulmer

  4. Oh thank you so much Geneva! I'm so glad you found my blog. I recently found my passion for photography over the summer and decided to start a blog. I'm loving photography!
    And I will, and God bless you too!!

    Hadassah <3


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