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I've had more than one post labeled "Lately || Photography," but I haven't been doing much in photography lately. So today I'll just show you my favs that I took these past weeks that I haven't shown already. :)

This is definitely one of my favorites. It's the sun backlighting the window in our playroom, making everything dark except the corner of the screen on the window.

This is how our sky has been lately. Gray, with a chance of more gray. Ugg. But I do LOVE this picture because I didn't do a thing to it (editing wise!) and it turned out perfect! :)
(This is the top of our barn, in case you're wondering!)

I also LOVE this picture I took. Silhouettes are what I've been working with lately, and this bird just looks like a painting. Also another back-light object.

So that's it for the day! These are defiantly going into the portfolio! :)

What's your favorite in this group?

All for now!

Hadassah <3 


  1. That bird picture is killer, Dassah! Well done! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Thank you! I love that one! It's probably my best so far. :)

  3. I have to admit, the picture of the bird is my favorite (of course). :) There is a particular... sort of wintery charm that a tree has when its leaf-less branches are silhouetted against the sky. But even so, I dearly miss the green leaves and blue sky of summer, don't you?

    In Christ,

  4. Yes, I really do enjoy taking my camera out in the summer, and going barefoot around our farm, taking pictures of spring & summer and green and blue colors everywhere... ahhh. ;)
    Thank you Geneva!

    Hadassah <3

  5. Love the lonely bird. "I watch, and am as the sparrow alone upon the house top". Ps 102:7
    Love, Nana


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