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Hey ya'll!
I'm sorry today's post is not about my photography, but it is something that might just exhilarate you. :) I'm blogging about my favorite photographers. Now some of these are my dear photography friends, and people I've known for awhile, and then some are photography bloggers I've gotten to LOVE.
So let me get started:

1. Charlotte B. Photography. She is just my all-time favorite. She does an amazing job with her clients and skill, and she is just amazing with a camera. She is probably a fav because I've known her for years, but even if I didn't she'd still be my favorite. :)
2. Petra Grace Photography. She has become one of my favs, probably because she blogs about her photography like me, but she has wonderful photos and she's really fun. :)
3. Joanna Christine Photography. I also have met her in person, but she is superawesome. One. Word. She is amazing at her techniques and skill, and offers a business as well.
You can click on the link above to find out more!
4. Everday Joy Photography. I have not ever met her, but she does an amazing job with the camera and also loves her black and white portraits, like me. :)
5. Katryn Grace Photography . I'm not sure how I found her, but she does amazing at her technique and angles. I love checking by to see her latest work!

So that's it for today...

What are your favorite photographers?
Are you one as well?

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. Aw, Hadassah!! You are SO sweet :) Thanks for your little write up about me!

    We have a lot of photography favorites in common! I follow Joanna Christine, Everyday Joy, and Kathryn Grace too! :)


  2. Oh, fun! I knew you followed Joanna Christine, but I didn't know about Kathryn Grace! I love both of their work! :)


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