Pete's Birthday || The Cake

So over the weekend we had another birthday, (we have a big family, you know?) and this time it was my younger brother's birthday, Pete's. He wanted a Hobbit cake, and the whole party was Hobbit themed. Even the front door had a sign that said, "No Admittance except on party business," for his birthday from the Hobbit movie. :)

My Mom worked alllll day on this Hobbit cake, and so please excuse any mess you see in the kitchen. Once we cut the cake, she was almost crying. :)


Part of the cake was the veggie garden out front, so me and my siblings worked hard on making tiny little pumpkins, watermelon, tomatoes, and even lettuce.

Pumpkins the size of your finger

The hill

Chocolate rocks
 Oh, if you've never had chocolate rocks, they are SO good. They taste like M & Ms but they are fake to look like rocks. Cool, huh?

The Birthday Boy

Oh, my brother Hunter and I used really long shutter speed to make this HAPPY BIRTHDAY thing for my brother. It's so fun to just use a light and capture this. It's just the floor!

The cake before it was cut...

Did you like the cake and pictures?

Hadassah <3


  1. So many talents in that family! Wonderful pix!

  2. Woooaaahhhhh o.O Major brownie points to all the Schaaps on this epic masterpiece!! SO RAD! I can see why your Mom was almost crying... I would too :)


  3. Wow. I simply have no words to express... haha, okaaay, maybe I DO have just a FEW... :) THIS IS INCREDIBLE! It is quite obvious that you all put a lot of love and effort into this jaw-dropping masterpiece. And - oh my goodness! - all of your hard work most certainly paid off! That cake REALLY IS amazing. Please tell your brother that wish him a very happy belated birthday and that I most HIGHLY approve his choice of theme! Love these pictures, Hadassah! :)

    Love In Christ,
    Geneva <3

  4. Thank you Geneva! I will, and he did have a good birthday. :)


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