Raggedy Ann's Birthday! || Photoshoot

Hey ya'll! Yesterday was one of my little sister's birthdays, the one I call Raggedy Ann.
She turned four, so she's 'officially' a "big girl" now. :)
She actually doesn't like her picture being taken, so to take this shoot I had to put her in a princess dress and let her act silly. I didn't get to many pictures, but here are most of them.

(All of these were down in our playroom, in the basement!)

This was the face when I told her she was four. She said, "What? FOUR?"

She enjoyed opening presents, eating a hot air balloon cupcake cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream, and especially going to Grandma and Grandpa's house later in the afternoon. So, all in all, she had a good birthday, and I got the pictures of it. :)

All for now,

Hadassah <3 


  1. Ohhhhh, Hadassah! I'm so glad that darling little sister of yours had a happy birthday! Please give her a giant hug for me...and while your at it, you might as well give ALL of your sisters a couple of nice big hugs. I miss them all so much already!

    Thanks for brightening my week (in more ways than one)! :)

    Love In Christ,
    Geneva Grace

  2. I will! Thank you Geneva!

    <3 Hadassah

  3. Oh Hadassah, these pictures are just so wonderful! The emotion and joy that you captured in Marija's face is truly priceless. (And happy birthday, Marija! *hugs*)


  4. Fabulous pictures, Dassah! "Raggedy Ann" is so darling. (Like all of the Schaap girls) =) Would you wish her a happy birthday from me?

  5. She's an ABSOLUTE Cutie!!!!! Great Pics!

  6. Thank you! And she gets the cuteness after me, of course. ;)

    Hadassah <3

  7. OF, COURSE!!!! I should have known! ;)


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