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Today's post I thought I would start with my nature photography that I've been taking a lot lately. And I have good news! Spring is almost here! And it's been so weird weather here in Ohio lately, with highs of 65* and 70*s!! In February! I was amazed two days ago when I walked out in a t-shirt and felt fine! :0
I am SO EXCITED to get our garden started, and I will have pics soon! :)

But anyway, here's the pictures I took mainly yesterday, with a couple from Saturday as well:

Spring Buds

Spring Daffodils! 

Macro Pinecone

Spring Spruce

New leaves growing!!

I have had so much fun with my nifty fifty lens, especially with Manual focusing. I definitely like my nifty fifty more than my 25-50 mm, which is my other lens I use a lot as well. So that wraps things up around here!  

Are you ready for spring?
What are you most looking forward to for spring?

Hadassah <3


  1. LOVE these photos, Hadassah! I can't believe the weather, either, but I'm loving it for all the time I can spend outside walking with my family down to Caesar Creek :) (and for how little layers I have to wear everyday. YAY! I don't love layering ;)

    see you soon!


  2. I think that first picture is EXCEPTIONALLY stunning. Wow. There really is just SO MUCH beauty packed into even the tiniest bits of nature! I simply can't get over it! Wonderful pictures, Hadassah! <3

    In Christ,


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