Around The Farm || Spring Pictures

Flowers against the sidewalk, just after a rain shower

Ahh, spring is almost here, and the weather is turning out to be so beautiful lately. T-shirt weather, (with a few thunder showers here and there) makes you want to sing and dance and run a 5k. True, I may not be ready for a 5k, but I have done quite a few in the past, and they really make you feel fit and exercised... and VERY tired. ;)

But anyway, I had Blue Eyes and Pumpkin Spice outside the other day, and so I grabbed my camera and started shootin' away! :)

Oh my goodness she is an adorable farm girl, with her rain boots, and our farm truck behind her. I think the electric pole actually gives some symmetry to the picture, and so does the trees behind her. <3

Red hair runs in the family, and all my little sisters have it, but I am the only brown-haired gal in our family. Although I guess I like it since I don't have the 'Irish temper' they do. ;)

Kudos to whoever can find the amazing eye in this picture. It might not be hard, but blue eyes. *sigh*

Another blue-eyed picture + curls. :)

Which picture was your favorite?
Does red hair run in your family?

Hadassah <3


  1. Hadassah, you are just getting so.good.!! You are rocking that aperture!! And I LOVE the lighting in the third photo! So soft and glow-y *sigh*... and yes, blue eyes are just the bomb.


  2. Lovely shots :) Still snowy here even with 60 degrees today. My Dad was a red head, and me too, but now that Iv'e gotten older the red has faded away - I wish it had stayed, it was more strawberry blonde/ auburn.

  3. Thank you Charlotte and Diana! Yes, red hair is lovely. :)


  4. Ohhh! Hadassah, what loveliness! Nothing is QUITE so beautiful as darling little girls enjoying a glorious day out of doors! Hasn't the air has been wonderfully sweet, warm, and fresh for the last couple of days? It tastes like SPRING! And - oh, goodness! I don't know if anything could POSSIBLY be more delicious! It IS so very invigorating, isn't it? And - Ooh! I didn't know that you liked to run! I think that is sooo cool! :)

    When Sam was born he had a shock of bright red hair - but he was the only one out of nine kids! I think it is quite funny actually... that ONE red-haired kid... hehe. :)

    In Christ,

    1. Oh my goodness! Sam with bright red hair!! Wow! And now he's a blonde- I can not imagine it!! :D
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! You make me laugh. :)

      Hadassah <3

  5. I love those little girls! They're such dears! Great pictures!
    In Christ,


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