Black & White and White & Black

I have recently been working on editing photos, and have found a love for black & white portraits and nature photos. Black and white just really works well for most of my pictures. Although some pictures you really need color, like this one, I took of Blue Eyes.

In the picture above, it's my dog, Mabelle, in black and white (that's the color of her fur as well) and then my Mom went in, a made her eye blue. Cool, huh?
Although this might be freaky, she does actually have one blue eye, and one brown. Since her mother had brown, and her father had blue. She actually looks like David Bowie sometimes.

But anyway, let's get started on all the black and white photos I've edited:

Mickey Motzart in Momma's hands
Neighbor's Horses

I actually like most of the neighbor's horses in color, but this one looks as if it's a 1940's black and white picture. I like the feel of this one....

Kitty in the hands of my good friend Charlotte Boyer!
 This one was with my shutterbug friend, (link above) and I was actually using her camera with a prime lens. So this is my work, with her camera. :)
The Dramatic Lightbulbs ;)

So that's all for now,
Which is your favorite? Do you like Black & White photography?
Hadassah <3


  1. LOVE! These are sososo good, Hadassah! Black & White is the best, and I often have a hard time deciding which photos to turn B&W and which to keep in color. I love your decisions with all of these. They are so fabulous!


  2. Thank you! Yes, I often do too, but sometimes it just stands out to you that the photo BELONGS in black and white, you know? Thank you again for your lovely comment,

    Hadassah <3

  3. Awww! These are WONDERFUL! Although the first picture IS pretty incredible, I'd have to say that second one is my favorite (for obvious reasons...:). To my inexperienced eye, it seems as though the black and white effect makes a picture much more DRAMATIC...but maybe that's just me! Once again, wonderful shots. :)

    In Christ,

    1. Ah, yes and I can see why. He's quite a cutie huh? :) :) :)

      Hadassah <3


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