Lately || Through The 50mm Lens

All right. I know. Mickey Motzart is taking over my blog with pictures! But the thing is he's SO. DARN. CUTE. Every time he's happy and playing in our playroom I ALWAYS grab the camera. But how could you not? He's one of our happiest babies, and loves to pull hair. (ouch!) But here's a bunch more photos I took using my new 50mm!

I love my 50mm!! :)

Oh My Goodness, this picture makes me smile!

Model Skills! 

The other day I went to our neighbor's fence to capture the stillness of the sunset and the amazing clouds surrounding it. Here are just some of my pictures! ;)

So that's about it for me, and I'm definitely looking forward toward the weekend! Woo hoo! Tomorrow's just A MONTH until BEAUTY AND THE BEAST COMES OUT! I am soooooooo looking forward to that movie!! (You can find the trailer HERE or HERE)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Are you excited for Beauty and the Beast? ;)

Hadassah <3


  1. <3 <3 <3 That's all I can say. You're fabulous Hadassah, and Mickey Motzart is SO CUTE! Now if I can just get him to let me hold him without him dissolving in a puddle of tears... ;)


  2. Oh my word isn't the 50mm AMAZING??? these are so beautiful. And Beauty & the Beast?? Yes a thousand times :))) Great job.


    1. Thank you Aliyah! I know! 50mm are AWESOME!! :) :) :)


  3. AAAAAAAAHHHH! I can't handle it! The cuteness in these pictures is PAINFULLY adorable (painful in that wonderful kind of way :). And those last two pictures! Oh, they capture so much of that evening-beauty which no amount of words could ever FULLY express! Hadassah, your pictures have added so much joy to my day! I'm so glad that you are sharing your God-given on this lovely blog of yours!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Dassah! Your pictures are AMAZING, and you are too! I also CAN'T wait for Beauty and the Beast to come out!
    God Bless,


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