My Latest Fairy Garden!

As you may have guessed in the post title, today's post (I know I'm a little late!) is about my latest creation of a fairy garden.
First off pretty much everything in here is from my Grandmother, except the frogs & turtles and the old muffin tin. I apologize for any slightly blurry photos, we have very bad lighting in our house, and I was struggling with my ISO and shutter speed.

Wishing Well

The town is mainly just little houses with mini bunnies. I would call it a fairy garden, but I guess it's a mini bunny town as well. :)

This top-of-a-carrot house was fun 'cause it opens! Inside you find a mother bunny in the pantry! I was surprised when I figured out you could open it!

Before I sign off, I wanted to note that I have had so much fun looking at this gal's website today!  In fact, this shutterbug gal took my photos the other day for fun, and did a blog post about it as well on her blog! You may notice it's my new "about me" picture above. :)

Which fairy garden do you like best?

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. LOVE it, Hadassah! You are so creative with your fairy houses! Puts me in mind of our fun time this past summer building a couple with you and your sister :)

    Thanks for the lovely shout-out, dear! I miss you! We need to get together for another photo shoot soon ;) <3


  2. Oh yes! I do remember making my first fairy house from scratch was so fun at your house!
    And yes, we do need to get together soon too for a fun photoshoot! :)

    Hadassah <3

  3. Fairy houses in a muffin pan - simply genius! I love this, Hadassah! It totally makes me smile! :)

    In Christ,

    1. If you haven't seen these already, I have used several recycled containers as fairy gardens. :)
      Have you ever tried it?


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