Sunny Skies & Puffy Clouds

So lately we've finally been having some sunny skies and some white clouds! Amazing, right? February in OHIO!!? ;)
But we are headed for a long winter according to our favorite groundhog... although they said he was wrong...hmmm.

But anyway, I went out the other day to capture some very cool cloud patterns.
I never get tired of taking pictures of the clouds because they're always different!

I also had tons of fun playing with Manual mode and the color of the sky through just the lens of my camera!! :)

Also I have had soo much fun getting all the fun comments! Thank you so much for all your support and sweet comments!

Do you like taking pictures of the sky?
What about cloud patterns?

Hadassah <3


  1. Cloud gazing is totally underrated, I believe! LOVE these, Hadassah! So happy for the blue skies and pretty sun at long last :)


  2. Oh yes! Ahh, spring is here at last...well. Almost. ;)

  3. Sky pictures are so much fun, and it changes so quickly, the colors and lighting can be so spectacular!

  4. Thank you Diana! Yes, they can be so much fun. Especially sunsets. :)

  5. Always have your camera with you! If you have to go get it you'll miss the shot you were expecting. But...the next one may be even more dazzling. Love your pix; love your observations; love your pictorial observations!

  6. The sky is God's ever-changing canvas of colors and - my goodness! - IT IS BREATHTAKING. I'm so glad that you (and your camera) spent some time appreciating its beauty. <3

    In Christ,


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