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Picture taken by Petra Grace Photography

Yippee! I am SO EXCITED to share this interview with Aliyah Burton! She is an amazing photographer and I was so thankful when I got to know her better through the internet! We actually live quite close to each other, but have never met in person, so we should definitely plan something soon so that I can finally meet her and stop talking about it! lol :)

I met Aliyah over at this girl's blog, who is actually her good friend, who I was blessed with interviewing a couple (or was it a few?) months ago. All in all, they're both amazing. So let's begin!

How did you discover photography? What age were you?

I was nine years old. I’d saved all of eighty-nine dollars from my birthday gifts and from selling potholders to relatives and friends and whoever would buy them! With my dad’s help, I bought a hot pink, shiny, beautiful Sanyo point-and-shoot camera. That was really when the passion sparked, because I had something all my own - and it was a camera.

When did you get your first camera? What kind of camera do you have?

See the first question :) I currently have a Canon Rebel T5, rated Amazon’s top-selling camera one year! I see why it is so highly rated, because I LOVE it!

How far in the USA have you gone to do photography?

Not far, I’m afraid! I’ve been to Virginia, and New Jersey, but besides that, I’m not a well-traveled person ;P

What are your favorite things to photograph?

PEOPLE. No question! I’m decent at nature every now and again, but flowers don’t compare to faces.

Do you have a business for your photography, or ever hope to have one?

I’m in the process of setting up one! Actually, I got my social media set up last week for it (find me on Facebook [link is], Instagram [link is, and Twitter [link is]!) and I’m beginning to get my website portfolios together. It’s a challenge, but I’m learning and having fun!

What tips do you have for getting the best, clear photos?

Wow, this is kind of a hard one! I guess the first thing I would say is ISO. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful about your ISO. My camera is actually amazing at noise reduction, but it’s not a good habit to count on noise-reduction or post-processing blur. Also, focusing has a lot to do with clarity, but the only way to get better at that is to practice! So practice practice practice!

Do you have any trips or tricks?

Well, I’ve got a few. ;) But I’ll not give all my secrets away haha! One thing I know has helped me a lot is ANGLES. Especially for portrait photography, the angle at which you take your shot and the framing of the shot are so important to the overall image. It can make or break a photo! For example, shooting from slightly above is far more flattering than straight on, or *shudders* from below. 

Another one I’ve learned from doing family photo shoots is KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Technically those aren’t my own words, lol, but Winston Churchill definitely knew what he was talking about. During photo shoots, people get stressed. It’s inevitable. But it’s YOUR job as the photographer to make them feel beautiful, calm, and peaceful. Give them lots of feedback on how the images are looking - better yet, show them some of the best shots! It will lift their mood in an instant, and there’s no better way to get a beautiful portrait than with a happy model. :)

What are your favorite photography blogs?

Well. There’s a lot lol. But the main ones would be Petra Grace Photography [] (she and I are kindred spirits, so that’s a given), Ellie Be [], and Evelyn Grace Photos [] (actually this one isn’t a blog, but I love it all the same!). 

She is especially good at capturing families, seniors, and babies, and here is all her Fabulous (with a capital F!) work: 

I had soooo much fun with this interview and was SO GLAD when she said she'd be happy to do this with me!!!

  • Aliyah:
  • 1.You're amazing (did I already say that?) 
  • 2. I'm blessed you're my friend 
  • 3. Your work is fabulous! Keep it up girl! ^_^
What's your favorite picture of Aliyah's?
Would you like more interviews in the future?

Hadassah <3

P.S. Again, you can find her here:

P.P.S. Please DO NOT take her work without specific permission, if you'd like, contact her over at her blog! Thank you!


  1. Thank you so much!! ❤❤❤ You're the best!

  2. Love this interview! ♥♥ Great job, friends!


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