Day #3

Day #3! Today's picture is a fire that we had going a couple of weeks ago when the weather was suuuuper nice... so not right now, where we have an inch of snow on the ground and it feels like 10 below. lol ;)
(Yesterday's picture was sparks, if ya'll haven't seen it you can see it here)

I haven't had any people tag me yet, but it's super easy to start the challenge! Just go straight to Google+, find a recent picture you took, post it, and tag me in it! (Dassah S.)
Then you can brag to all your friends that you took the Photography Phun Challenge! ;)

Thanks again for tagging along on Photography Phun! I have a bunch of posts waiting for next week that I believe ya'll will  like  love!

Are you doing the challenge? 

Hadassah <3


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