Day #4

Woo Hoo! We've gotten all the way to day #4! Today's picture is an interesting thing I did with one of my pictures. I took this picture of a bee actually last summer, and then put it into black and white, but saved the color on the leaves and the bee!
It actually turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. (And I do!) ;)

If you haven't done the challenge, I would encourage you to share a pic on Google+ and tag me in it. (Dassah S.) No worries if you can't do it though! I'll be happy if you just commented on my pictures! ;)

Next week I have an interview and some really cool pictures I took lined up for my blog posts! So as soon as we're done with this challenge, I'll go back to my regular "picture posts," as I call them. :D

Are you taking the challenge?
Have you ever done this to one of your photos?

Hadassah <3

P.S. Here is the link: Colorize YOUR photos!


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