Day #5

Buds :)

Woo hoo! We've made it this far! Almost done with the challenge you guys! :)
Today's picture is some buds that are growing on the tree next to our driveway! Thankfully,  they did not die in all the snow and freezing that's been going on around the North... and East... and across the United States. :P 

So we only have two days left of the challenge! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, (I better think of something green that's in my closet to wear!!) and also the newest Beauty and The Beast movie is coming out. I'm not sure when we're going to see it, but hopefully, hopefully, the reviews are good and not too bad. :)

Are you watching the Beauty and The Beast movie tomorrow?
Have you been enjoying the challenge?
Are you ready for me to go back to my regular "picture posts?" :D

Hadassah <3


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