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Hey ya'll!
I hope everyone is having a blessed Monday, as I know I am!
 I seem to get more traffic and comments on these posts since they're all mixed photos I've been taking lately, oh, probably in the last week or so. And I'm so excited that spring is finally here! Oh, I cannot wait to get digging in the garden and running those summer 5ks! The weather has been so beautiful here in Ohio lately, which makes me crave fingernail painting, barn dances, and oh, so many summer activities. (including NO SCHOOL! yay!)

 I could go on and on about my wishes for this spring and summer, but I know you're probably waiting for me to go onto my pictures, so I'll stop rambling on and show them to you!! :D

Oh, Mickey Mozart again. :) He can appear every day on this blog and I wouldn't get tired of it!!

Spring brings rain and flooding, so it was no surprise when the chicken's pen became a pool! I loved the reflection in this picture and it looked SO much better in black & white. :)

I cannot tell you how much I love 1.8 aperture! This picture could be a little sharper, but hey, I love the color and thought in her little chubby-cheeked face. I could pinch those cheeks forever!

Both of these pictures were actually taken this morning when the sun was coming up. Oh, I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!

"He dawns on them like the morning light, like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning, like rain that makes grass to sprout from the earth."

I love this verse in 2 Samuel 23:4, it reminded me so much of these two pictures! :)

So I'd better get on with my life and get off my little "happy corner of the internet!" ^_^
I hope everyone has a good start to their week! :)

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. Wow, these photos are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing, dear :)


  2. Ohhhh, these are wonderfully, PAINFULLY beautiful. I can't even tell you how much I love that one with the sun rays!! Just wow...!!! Love the little chubby-cheeksters too! How can they be so CUTE!?!?

    Love in Christ,

  3. THAT SUNSHINE PHOTO. Wow. So so so beautiful. Great job!!

    1. Thank you Aliyah!! I had to go out really early to get that one! :)

  4. Absolutely love that pic with the sun shining through the trees! Early mornings are the best for pictures.


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