Mickey Mozart's 10 Month Glamour Shots

Hey ya'll! I hope you are all having a great Friday, and for me, I am SOOO ready for the weekend to BE HERE. :)

Today's post is Mickey Mozart's 10 month shots. He's actually almost 11 months now, but these were at the very beginning of March, so they counted as his 10 months, since his birthday is on a day that February didn't have... due to February usually having only 28 days. Bu-ut, anyway, here are the pictures!

I had soo much fun with these since it was practically his first time crawling around outside.
He's getting so big - soooo fast!! I can't believe that little baby that was born last April is now a big boy, almost walking!! Man, he's so big!

I love his funny gazes. He usually smiles a lot, but he was very distracted at being outside!
It was a glorious sunny day, (for March!) and he was really enjoying getting some vitamin D.
"Hey look! A cat!"

"What was that?!"

Giggle Power!

Aww, there he goes. The baby smile that makes you smile!

"What is that big black thing you're holding!?"

"Ooh! There goes the cat again!"

And there is probably my favorite picture- The Look of Determination, I call it. He was going for the cat (who was standing on the side photo-bombing!) and looking absolutely determined to pull its tail. Hehe. ;)

Well, I have school to finish, farm chores to do, and we're going to a Church Fish Fry tonight, so I'd better finish up. Can't wait to see ya'll on Monday!!

Which picture is your favorite?
Are you ready for nice days to finally get here? :D

Hadassah <3


  1. So cute, Hadassah! I especially love the top picture! Mr. Mickey makes for a great model!


  2. I'm SOOOOO (SOOO) glad that you got to go to that Fish Fry... :) and that I got to see YOU and that darling munchkin in PERSON! If it's even humanly POSSIBLE, he's even CUTER in real life! A picture says a thousand words... but even then, it is impossible to fully communicate a baby's cuteness in a mere thousand words. (I'm convinced it would take...um... an infinite number of words :)

    In Christ,


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