Photography Highlights || March Edition!

Hey ya'll!
I am back for this month's Photography Highlights! Surprisingly on my survey, (results coming soon!) most people wanted more Photography Highlights! I was truly amazed!

So I finally decided to just do one of these every month, and here's this months:

  • Found this SUPER fun photographer who takes toys to make his pictures! Awesome right? You can find him here on Instagram: Mitchel Wu
  • Loved this photoshoot by my dear online friend, Aliyah. :)
  • Ooh la la on lens flare! Look at this picture!
  • I found a website called What The Lens and this is what it suggested to me. :)
  • Loved this post and the photography by A Clothes Horse!

So that wraps up everything around here! I hope you enjoy all the links and such! :)

Hadassah <3


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