Pumpkin Spice's Birthday || Photoshoot Recap

This post is just slightly late, because yesterday was actually this sweet little girl's birthday, and so of course I did a photoshoot with her in the mid-afternoon. Well. I tried. She wanted to go play with A & Raggedy Ann, so I took a couple of shots and let her play, because, after all, it was her birthday. :) But I had fun anyway, using F. 1.8 again.

So serious!! I didn't focus on her nose on purpose, or her hair really, but I liked how it turned out. ;)

Oh! That grin makes me smile!! I love her red hair as well, it gives it some color in the picture, besides the grassy hill behind her. :)

I didn't bring out my camera for the cake or anything since we had several IPods and phones out already "capturing memories," so that's all the pictures I have of her today. I'm sorry for such a short post, but I have to finish up some school tests and such *sigh* so I'd better go!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Are you celebrating any birthdays soon, or did celebrate recently?

Hadassah <3


  1. I hope that Pumkpin Spice had a very happy birthday. Give her a hug for me when you get the chance! :)


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