Seven Day Photography Challenge!

Hey ya'll!
You're probably thinking "What? She doesn't blog on Sundays!" But I have a special reason:
I usually blog on Mondays, but after thinking things over, I decided to do this photography challenge starting on Sunday. What is it? Well every day, for the whole week, I'll be posting at least one picture in part of the challenge... which is why I'm posting today instead of

YOU can get in the challenge as well! First, just re-share on the buttons below on Facebook, or any social media to get people in the challenge! Then every day for this whole week post a picture on Google+ and tag me in it. (+Dassah S.)
You don't have to have a DSLR or any fancy camera, and it doesn't have to be an awesome professional picture... it could even be taken with a phone! :D
I also wanted to note you don't have to do it today since I'm posting later in the afternoon, but you could also post a picture NEXT Sunday, as part of the 7 days.

So here is MY picture for the 1st day of the challenge:

Just a preview of a post coming up soon, Mickey Mozart's 10 month shots! :)

Are you doing the challenge?

Hadassah <3


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