A Fun Game Of Uno || Family Shots

Well, it seems like this was just yesterday, but looking back on these photos... yeah, that was March 15th. I had these photos sitting in "storage" so long, I forgot about them. OK, well, that was just last month... so not TOO long ago. 😉

Bu-ut we had several of our family members come up from Kansas and hang out for awhile at our house. That usually leads to card or board games being pulled out, and the game of Uno was brought out. So I grabbed my camera, (like always!) and shot a few candids.

I don't know why I love this photo so much! It's a candid, and they all have very different expressions on their faces. I mostly love Raggedy Ann's, on the right. :D

And this picture, you probably have already seen before, one of my favs that I took of Pete taking a picture of Mickey Mozart in Nana's hands. LOVE it!! ♡

Ooh. The Evil Eye. 👁

And this picture I was working on depth of field. The stack of Uno cards is in the middle, and you can see several player's hands full of them. I simply set the camera on the table and let it auto-focus. "Two-Dah! " as my sisters would say. 😊

I'm not in these pictures, well I guess, I kind of am, behind the lens. I don't get very many pictures taken of me since I'm always the one behind the camera. Only when my shutterbug friends come over. :D

I hope everyone has a good weekend and blessed Easter!! ✙

What are you doing to celebrate Easter?

Hadassah <3


  1. Family time is always fun! I hope you enjoyed UNO!!!

    God Bless,
    Caroline Kidd

  2. Those black-and-white candids are the BEST!! :) :) :) (And yes, I really am smiling right now...) :) :) :)

    In Christ,


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