A's Birthday || Photoshoot & Cake!

Hi ya'll! Yesterday was A's 8th birthday, which made me sit back and think. Wow. She's EIGHT already! And I'm five or so years older than her, and it seems like I was eight just yesterday! Wow. But she had a wonderful birthday, filled with presents, cake, and laughter.

Mom made her an AWESOME cake which was the Walt Disney Castle (in pink!!) with all of our little LEGO Friend princesses decorating the top.

She got the idea off of Pinterest, and believe me, this cake took ALL day!! But it's a pretty simple cake; three layers with pink frosting, and then the ice cream cones with sprinkles as the "towers" of the castle. ;)

She got a bunch of stuff from all of us kids and grandparents, including several LEGO sets, including the Beauty & Beast LEGO set, which she loved. <3

So that's all for now, I'll see ya'll later this week!! ;)

Made any fancy birthday cakes lately?
Did you like the cake?

Hadassah <3


  1. Ok. THAT CAKE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Please tell your Mom it looks amazing!!
    Happy Birthday , A. You're a dear! <3


  2. What a fabulous birthday cake! Tell A happy birthday for me, m'kay? Love that sweet sister of yours!!


  3. I will, for both my Mom and A! Thank you Caroline and Charlotte!! <3


  4. So fun! Really cool birthday cake! Wow, Aidia has grown up so quickly! Would you wish her a happy birthday for me?

  5. WOOOOOOOAH! That is a VERY delicious looking work of art! I am very impressed! <3 <3 <3

    In Christ,


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