Capturing Candids

Blue Eyes

Capturing people with a camera is one of my favorite things to do. It's funny, but when you have your camera out and ready, and you have this perfect picture in mind, you get a little carried away... until you realize the picture that came out of it was waaay better and nothing like you were expecting! (in a good way!)

That's what happens with most of my pictures. They get turned into candids. :)

Giggling, Gaggling Girls

All of my sisters. I was a little nervous about trying to get them all in focus, but I think I did OK for a beginner. I'm not much of a "group-shot" person. I like the singled shots.

Failed attempt of Photo-Bombing

Hah! This picture makes me laugh. For one, Pumpkin Spice's expression, and second, A is "trying" to photo-bomb! But when you're at F-1.8, all A turns into is a blurred blob. :)

Big Brown Eyes

Ooh I love this picture!! It was an attempt of self-portraits the other day. It didn't look very well in color, so I cropped it a bit and turned it into black & white. I also learned the other day that you don't have to have a whole person in a photograph. Like my eyes for example. ^_^
This isn't really a "candid" but I was on a self-timer, so I was just waiting for the shutter to go.

Mickey Mozart

I don't know why I like love this picture so much!! I guess it's just his expression. I don't quite know what he was looking at, I guess it could've been me, but oooh, this picture is priceless. (Another F-1.8!)

So for all of you beginner photographers, a "good shot" doesn't have to be what you were going for with a child's face or group shot or really anything. A "great shot" is usually a candid. :)

So that's all for now, and I hope everyone has a blessed week!! 

What do you like about candid shots?
Have you ever got that "perfect candid" shot? :D

Hadassah <3


  1. These pictures are simply darling. Your little sisters look just like beautiful little princesses and your baby brother... wow. He is just SUCH a handsome little guy! <3

  2. I absolutely love Blue Eye's expression in the group shot!!!!


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