Easter || Recap

Happy Belated Easter to all of my followers!! ✙

I hope everyone had a blessed and bountiful day. I cannot tell you in words how blessed I felt yesterday! I am blessed with a loving mom and dad, four sisters, four brothers, a beautiful farm out here in Ohio, loving friends, and just so many things. I am blessed. No doubt about it. I had my camera out yesterday just snapping some candids and details, so I'm here to show you them. 😊

Ooh! Dressing up on Easter in white shoes and matching dresses is one of my favorite parts about Easter. These are actually, (from right to left) A's, Pumpkin Spice's, Raggedy Ann's, and Blue Eye's dresses all hanging up before we left yesterday morning for Church. ⛪

We did an Easter egg hunt outside later in the afternoon, and Mickey Mozart sat in his bouncer and watched us as we ran about the yard. I caught his facial expression in a half thoughtful, half surprised look. 😮

It seems more fall-ish to do a tractor ride on Easter of all things, but my Dad took us on one in the ol' John Deere. We got stuck in the woods a couple of times in brush blocking the trail, but overall it was a fun ride. 🚜

Yes, we had storms yesterday! We were blessed with sunshine and clear skies in the morning, but once evening drew near, the storm clouds hit pretty hard. This was across our road, and you can actually see a crow taking flight in the bottom right, near the corner. 🐦

This was a fun one! Some wild bees (not our own!) were flying in and out of a hole in our porch banister. I sat there and waited for a bee to come along, and snapped it. I am pretty happy with this one, even if the bee wasn't quite in focus. You can even see it's carrying something in its mouth! 🐝

And yes, that's a spider in a cobweb. Also the same banister. I had a lot of fun with this one as well; Manual mode wonders!

I didn't actually take many Easter related pictures... spiders? Hay rides? Sounds more like fall here. Oh, well... you can dream, right? 😉  (Kidding of course!!)

What did you do for Easter?
Which is your favorite pic? ♡

Hadassah <3


  1. It looks like you had a FUN Easter!!!

    God Bless,
    Caroline Kidd

  2. Oh! The JOY of Easter! It was SO nice seeing these pictures - I'm really glad that you had a wonderful day of celebration! :)

    In Christ,


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