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Hey ya'll! Better late than never, right? Hah, I've been having a busy week with just LIFE right now.

I'e been waiting to do this post for a long time, (since February!!) and I've finally sat down and got to it! Yep. Fairy Gardening. I have done veery many fairy gardens which you can all find here, here, here, here, and here. (Yes; I'm addicted!)

Anywaay, I did my first from-scratch (at home at least) in a BIG BIG BIG old oak tree that is completely hallowed out. I was a little afraid that thing would come crashing down on me, but hey, I'm here, right? 😉

I took some old twine and attached it to the tree, with a tiny piece of bark to make a fairy swing. I'm sure they loved it. ♥

Then I added a twig fence on both sides leading out to a little garden, but it kind of got destroyed before I could take any pictures of it. (I have 4 little sisters!!) 😜

Ooh! And a different fairy garden; no fairies this time, but a pixie!! Ooh I love this pixie! I'm not actually sure where my Grandmother got it, and the bunnies, for that matter, but I still love them all anyway!

A chipped ear makes me love them all the more!

The little bicycle was actually a dish soap holder that came with our kitchen in our old house, and my Mom got a glass jar to hold everything, so she gave me this to create a fairy (or pixie in this case) garden or something creative. I'm not actually a crafty type, but when it comes to fairy gardens or sewing, you can count me in!! 😀

Have you ever made a fairy garden? 
Where would you suggest to find miniature things for fairy gardens?

Hadassah <3

P.S. And the book I recommend is on Amazon, which you can find here or this one as well. 


  1. Hey Dass,
    That looks like so much fun! Keep making fairy gardens! ;) You do a GREAT JOb!

    <3 Caroline

  2. Awww! This is amazing! I'm SO glad that you make fairy gardens, Hadassah! I used to make them as well. My Polly Pockets in leaf-garb needed SOMEWHERE to live, right? ;) I remember once I spent a REALLY long time carving steps up a tree root. I was afraid that it would hurt the tree, but it didn't (as far as I know). Now you can't even tell that there WERE fairy steps there. I would use dandelions as pillows and square rocks for pillows. I used walnuts for bowls (that would hold grape-hyacinth "berries") or vases (that would hold little white wild flowers). Yeah, I think it would be super fun to try my hand at it again one of these days. ;)

    In Christ,


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