Random Portraits

Hi ya'll!! Today I'm just going to be sharing some random portraits that I... well, I kinda forgot about. Usually I just am walking around the house with my camera and snap a couple random ones that later get uploaded, and.. forgot about. Not big winners, but still cute enough to show around here on my PP blog. 😊

Pumpkin Spice
 After I showed here this picture she said, "You made me look cute with those crinkle things around my eyebrows!!" I laughed out loud! :D

Blue Eyes

Raggedy Ann

Pumpkin Spice.... again. :P

And here's my brother Pete... and Mickey Mozart in his hands, in the background. :)
Yeah... you see my little sisters more on here than you do my brothers... mostly because little girls (besides Mickey Mozart, of course!!) are SO DARN CUTE!!! 💙
Besides photography lately, we were super excited yesterday because we got a litter of kittens!! I will try to attach a picture soon, (hopefully!!) but they're in the tiny-ugly-but still cute- stage. 😀  Their mother won't let us near them to much, and we don't want her to leave with them, so we try not to go in the barn to much. I can't wait until they're crawling around!!!! 😻

Hadassah <3


  1. Aww so cute!! <3 I'm sorry I've been so absent on here lately! Hope you are doing well!

    1. That's alright!! We all get busy... ;)

      Hadassah <3

  2. AWW I LOVE your family!

    <3 Caroline

  3. These are wonderful, Hadassah! They make me feel all warm and happy inside. So many darling little people all in one family - it's wonderfully overwhelming!! :) :) :)

    In Christ,

  4. You have such cute siblings! Great photos!


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