5 Quick Tips For Beginning Photographers

Hi ya'll! I am here today just to share five quick tips that I've learned as an amateur photographer.

  1. Take your time- For me, this one is SO important. You think you have a great photo, but really you were rushing, and just click click click... and then you get to your computer and... bum bum bum. It's blurry and really... not what you were expecting. If you have shaky arms or hands, try a tripod
  2. Take A LOT- This one I forget to do. 😐  As I said, it may LOOK like a great photo, but try to take a lot- especially with people- to make sure you really "got it." For groups of people take at LEAST 10 or more, and with nature, take 3.
  3. Try Auto- at first- For beginning photographers, the Auto or P (picture) setting is great! I even used auto at first, but now I love my Manual (M) mode!! It may look intimidating, so here's a free book for all those people who have no idea what to do. 
  4. Try Different Angles- You do not know how many awkward photos I have got- especially of people- using the wrong angle. Be careful, but God gave you a tripod- your legs!! Try above, on your knees, and even on your belly! Sometimes you just have to work with it, but you'll do great once you discover this quick tip. 😊
  5. Have fun!- Especially shooting with people, laugh or joke around. Get them to SMILE. Ask them questions, and get them involved! With nature, just remember, WORK WITH IT. 

I hope you all enjoyed these tips! See you on Monday! 

Hadassah <3


  1. Yep, yep, and yep. These are all things that I learned, and am still learning to perfect even as a pro ;)

    Great observations, girly!


  2. Great tips! I've especially found the second to be true. I usually end ditching all but two of my shots... and those are usually the last two I took. :P

  3. Hey Dass! Thanks for posting beginner tips! So cool!!!
    <3 Caroline


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