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Hi ya'll! As I said on my last post, I have been experimenting with long-lens photos. It's been tons of fun, although I can't fit my camera right in my camera bag with that big looong lens on my camera. 😜  Oh well...

So to start off, I was taking pictures of this bright red Scarlett Tanager. I looked it up, and these birds stay up high in the trees, usually in the summer. They come out in the northern parts of the U.S. to look for a home. That's why this little birdie was flying out around our backyard, happily tweeting. Did you know they go all the way to the southern U.S. or even Mexico in the winter? I didn't!! 😁

This happy little Oriole was singing up in a tree near the one I took the of the Scarlett Tanager. It's harder to see in the pictures, but he was flaming orange  and pretty much lit up the whole sky. 😊

And of course, a Robin. She was sitting up in the tree with her bright orange belly. She was quiet, just looking around, but I saw her because of her belly. The "American Robin" really does mean all over America, and even going into other parts of the world.

And one more picture of the Scarlett Tanager. I really got him this time! 💕

Have you been enjoying birds this spring?
Have you ever seen a Scarlett Tanager?

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh, Hadassah, I love these! I've been waiting for a post about birds for awhile now, so I was especially excited when I saw these beautiful shots! I usually notice birds and I've been trying to learn the names of the different species. I have never seen a Scarlet Tanager or a Baltimore Oriole in real life before, but I'd love to someday! They are gorgeous! <3

    In Christ,
    Geneva <3

  2. Very nice! Birds can be so finicky to photograph. The red on that Tanager really pops in the last pic!

  3. Oh! These bird pics are just wonderful!!

    <3 Caroline

  4. Thank you Caroline, Gloria, Geneva, and Charlotte! Ya'll brighten up my day with your sweet comments!! <3

    Hadassah <3


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