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Watermelon plants!

Hey ya'll! Just dropping in to show some of my latest photos. Not really any "certain category," but just random ones I took. 😜

These were fun!!! I set my shutter speed waay high, turned off the light in the playroom, and got these really cool window shots. It was about mid-day and the sun was just gleaming through the window, BEGGING me to take these pics. So of course, I just had too!!! 😛 😎 ⛅

Oh yeah!! My gorgeous little doggy with her two different colored eyes were just to take!! She's a wonderful "doggy-model!" (Her breed is a Boston Terrier.) 🐕

And as I have said maaany times before, you cannot get past me with a flower without me taking a picture of it!! Goodness sakes, I have spring fever. 😊 ⚘ 🌳 🌞 🐛

Iris :)

Honey Bee

And you've probably seen a shot like this before, I have also been obsessed with taking pictures of bees. These little guys are making a home in, *eek!* our sidewalk banister right next to our house. Thankfully no one has gotten stung by them, and they aren't swarming... yet. They are not our bees, but wild ones, and so we are just kinda leaving them alone. 🐝

Are you enjoying spring?
Which one is your fav? 😉

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh Spring pics!! Beautiful!!

    <3 Caroline

  2. Love those window shots! AND SUCH A CUTE DOGGY!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I think my favorite was the first one of the baby watermelon plants! <3
    And - oh my goodness - I can hardly believe the iris are blooming already! It's crazy... but I also love it! Spring is sososososososososo wonderful! :)

    In Christ,


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